Align Your Online Donation Strategy to your Mission and Community.

Learn how to better engage your community with online giving. A strategist will join your team to go through a series of audits, phone calls, and screen shares to help you define financial and donation goals.. Our goal as your ministry partner is to help create a strategy that facilitates grow in each individual of your community.

We’ll provide best practices and guidelines to fully utilize your giving tool and communicate next steps for first time donors to mature members.


Kick Off & Discovery

We’ll conduct a survey to discover your mission, audience demographics, key staff roles, challenges, and goals for online giving.

Culture Audit

Your Strategist audits your community’s current giving culture to discover audience habits and trends based on past and current giving reports.


Critical Paths

Your Strategist facilitates a call with your key finance leadership to discuss how you communicate to new, regular, engaged, and mature members.

Key Initiatives

We provide recommendations to help move people into committed donors by improving online giving webpage, ChMS integration, and how to maximize the features of e360 Giving.

Transition Plan

Your Strategist will provide you with a recommended transition plan for switching to the new tool to ensure a smooth process for both admins and donors.

Roll Out Plan

We’ll set you up with a plan to continue to run your giving tool including email templates, announcements, content calendars, and workflow instructions.