Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you’ll want to know about e360 Giving.


Payment Gateways

When I sign up with e360 Giving, do I still need a separate payment gateway or merchant account?

You can rely on e360 Giving to cover all parts of the giving process. No need for any additional accounts.

Processing Fees

When are the processing fees charged?

The transaction fee is deducted from your account as each donation is made. In your batch notification each day, you’ll see the total amount donated, and the total amount deposited.

American Express

What is the transaction fee for American Express?
Many companies charge higher rates to process American Express. At e360 Giving, we are excited that we can keep our rates to process Amex as low as every other card.

Deposit Time

When should I expect to see funds deposited in my bank account?

You’ll typically see a deposit in 2-3 days, though ACH donations can take 3-5 days to deposit.

501c3 Classified

What if my church isn't 501c3 classified?

You can also provide you AOC (Articles of Incorporation) or Federal tax document with EIN on it instead.

Insufficient Funds

What happens if someone has insufficient funds when donating with an ACH payment?

After a donor sends a payment the deposit enters your next batch deposit.

If a user’s bank declines to give us money (invalid account number, insufficient funds, etc.) the donation is pull out of the next batch report. E360 Giving is notified of the returned payment and the donor receives a letter informing them the payment did not go through.

What if there are no deposits in the batch report?

If there are no current batch deposits, the money is deducted from the church account.

Are there any fees for insufficient funds when donating with an ACH payment?

For Vantiv there is a $3 dollar fee for returned ACH payments. If you are using Global, the fee is $5.

Reports, Integration & Support


What does the backend look like?

Take a look:

Get a hands on demo experience.

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Financial Reports

What financial giving reports does e360 Giving provide?

From your control panel, you can view a variety of canned reports to quickly track donations, or create your own custom reports for all digital donations by setting up filters by person, transaction, fund, date range and even donation type.


Will it integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes, There is an export profile already set up for you to integrate with Quickbooks at no additional cost.

Church Management Systems

Which Church Management Systems does e360 Giving integrate with?

We can integrate the following systems with e360 Giving so they automatically talk to each other, creating a smooth user experience for both donors and administrators. These integrations are already built and are free:

  • e360 ChMS
  • Servant Keeper
  • FellowshipOne (GO & Premier)
  • RockRMS
  • CCB
  • SimpleChurch CRM
  • Elexio
  • Shelby (Arena, Next, and Legacy)
  • Church Office Online
  • Breeze
  • Planning Center
  • Quickbooks
  • ACS
  • HelpMate
  • PowerChurch
  • and many more… Contact Us if you do not see your ChMS listed.


Does e360 Giving have a knowledge base? What about Help and Support?

We do! Within the Support drop down of the e360 Giving Panel you can search our knowledgebase or contact support. In the first version, the support link is located on the left menu under the title ‘support.’

old support tab

In the new version, you can find the link by navigating to the ‘support’ dropdown and selecting ‘support.’

new support tab

Payment Methods

Recurring ACH

Does e360 Giving allow a member to set up monthly or weekly donations from their checking account (ACH)?

Yes, e360 Giving would allow members to set up recurring ACH contributions. Options include monthly, twice per month, bi-weekly and weekly.

Debit Only

Can we restrict payment methods to debit only?

Yes, you absolutely have the ability to request “Debit Only” processing

ACH Only

Can we restrict payment methods to ACH only?

If you’d like to restrict giving methods to only ACH, we can disable the credit and debit card processing, and you would only be paying the ACH transaction fee of 1.0% + $0.39 along with the $10 monthly fee.

ACH Deposit Time

How long is the deposit time?

Depositing a donation via ACH takes 3-5 days. The reason for the delay in ACH is verification that the funds are there, whereas Credit Cards/Check Cards have real-time validation of availability of funds.


Is it possible for e360 Giving to send a receipt upon payment when using a payment through a form?

Yes, you can set up the functionality so that users receive personal email receipts. This function is set up in Email Notifications.

International Donations

Canadian Churches

Does e360 Giving work with Canadian churches?

Currently, the merchant processors that we work with do not service any churches or non-profits in Canada.

Transactions Outside the Country

Can transactions be processed from outside the country?

Transactions can be processed from a donor who is located outside the United States with giving, events or store purchases as long as the donor is using a major credit card. Debit cards and ACH, unfortunately, would not be possible at this time.

Kiosk Tablets

Leasing Costs

What are the options to lease a stand?
  • Floor Stand Lease » $99/month + $19/month software maintenance fee
  • Table Mount Lease » $89/month + $19/month software maintenance fee
  • Wall Mount Lease » $79/month + $19/month software maintenance fee

We require the first month’s lease payment (monthly lease payment + maintenance fee) and a signed lease agreement before we can process the order.

Lease Length

How long can we lease?

The term for a kiosk lease is for 24 months. At the end of the 24 Months, there are 3 options.

  1. Lease can be renewed for 24 months at the same price,
  2. The lease can end at the end of 24 Months, and the equipment is returned.
  3. You can buy out the lease for $300.00 and the equipment is yours. This will cancel the monthly lease payment, but the $19.00 monthly maintenance fee will still apply.

If you want to cancel the lease before the 24-month term ends, you will still be responsible for the monthly payments remaining in your lease.


Can I end the lease before the 24 months is over?

It is possible to cancel the lease before the 24 month term ends, but you will be responsible for the total amount of monthly payments left remaining in the lease before a cancellation can process.

Equipment Purchase

When I lease a kiosk or tablet, is there an option for our church to own the hardware after a certain period?

At the end of 24 months, you can renew the kiosk lease, cancel it and send the equipment back, or, if you want to purchase the equipment, there is a $300 buyout. That will cancel your monthly lease payment, but there will still be a $19 monthly maintenance fee to use the software.

Event Registration & Payment


Can I use e360 Giving to accept event payments?

Yes, there is an option with e360 Giving to create custom payment forms. You will have the option to embed the form on a website or link out the form.

Member Accounts

Will event registration sync with a member’s giving account?

Yes, once a user enters their information it will automatically sync with their account. This allows admins to track events and users to manage payments.


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